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East Gwillimbury

Oak Ridges

  • The Humberlands **


  • By The Lake **
  • Simcoe Landing **


  • Trail of the Woods **
  • Bethesda Forest **
  • Cornell **


  • Edgehill park **

** Coming soon.


Residents of a Neighbourhood always advertise for FREE on their own Neighbourhood site (must be verified as a Resident). There are NO advertising costs for Residents.

In My Neighbourhood sites are also available, on limited basis, as an advertising venue for Local Area Businesses, which are located outside the Neighbourhood Boundaries, with the following restrictions:

No Local Advertisers which have businesses in competition to the Sponsor will be permitted to advertise on that site.
All Local businesses that wish to advertise on a site, must have an address located within a 30 minute radius of the site (to keep the integrity of local content).
Business card sized ads are placed on the Services page.
There may be limited availability for square ads at the bottom of the left navigation area of some pages.

Ad Formats:
1) simple word ads, which may contain a link back to the advertisers web page,

2) business card type ads with graphics and links.

Our staff would be more than happy to assist with the design of any proposed ads.

Our ads are based on a monthly charge of $30.00 with a minimum 6 month pre-paid commitment on a single site.

Multiple Inserts on a single site or Insertions on several sites are individually quoted.

Call Gordon to discuss your needs at: 647-955-9227


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