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Logo4Welcome to In My Neighbourhood
Established 2003

In My Neighbourhood is a network of Interactive websites, designed to be given to the residents of the Neighbourhood they represent for their FREE use.

The Sites are maintained and managed 100% by the staff at InMyNeighbourhood* through a sponsorship program that seeks out local businesses that would like to have an ongoing sponsorship presence in a particular Neighbourhood. This Sponsorship program funds the ongoing technical updates, the day to day postings by the residents and the content updates that are necessary to keep a site current and up to date, while the sponsor offers this FREE service to their target area, without having to take time from their core business to ensure the ongoing accuracy and value of the site information.

Each Neighbourhood site has loads of information on the Neighbourhood and the surrounding areas.
Most importantly, these Neighbourhood sites are meant to foster interaction and a growing sense of comm
unity between the residents of each Neighbourhood.
It’s an awesome venue for any resident that has a home-based business or hobby that they want to promote on a local basis, or share FREE of charge with their Neighbours. 

We encourage the residents to share their neighbourhood experiences and interact with their neighbours by freely posting to this site. It is developed for them, for their use. It’s like your own interactive Neighbourhood Newsletter.

The sponsors information appears at the bottom of every page as a subtle reminder to site users, that their business is located in/or around your Neighbourhood and they care enough about the community they service to give back a valuable FREE  service to the residents that support their business.

It’s a win-win for both Neighbourhoods and Sponsors.

If you would like more information on how site Sponsorship can benefit your business or your neighbourhood, please feel free to contact us.